Legal and commercial consultancy in Bangkok and Phuket

Our firm operates as legal and commercial advisor aimed at the investments and at the local market penetration, making use of anextensive web of local connections, both public and private, grown during the almost twenty-year activity.

We offer a complete support for companies intending to invest or develop business relationships in the area.

Our legal advising and support services include:

  • Company registration

  • Corporate tax registration

  • Shareholding Structure

  • Agreements and Certificates

  • Company Bank Account Set-up

  • Accounting Management and Assistance

  • Banking and Fiscal Advisory

  • Licenses and Permits

  • BOI application

  • Analysis and Market Survey

  • Commercial Transaction and M&A

  • Trademark, Patent & License

  • Work Permit Application & Extension

We offer a complete business consulting and legal assistance service for companies and private individuals intending to invest in the real estate, buying, where permitted by the laws in force, or leasing properties of different kind.

We support our client for the whole buying or leasing process that is from the necessary cadastral search, the property search, the legal assistance during the dealing and the drawing up of the contracts, up to the purchase process.

Our legal services include:

  • Cadastral Search

  • Factory Search for Lease and Purchase (Industrial Estates)

  • Permits and Licenses

  • Property Search for Land and Condo purchase

  • Land and Condo Purchase and Lease

  • Company Structure to Own the Land